Academy of Management 2018: Here I Come!

March 28, 2018

Academy of Management just officially sent the decisions about submitted papers and symposiums. It gave us a lot of good news: 3 accepted symposiums and 2 accepted PDW sessions. Of the symposiums, two have been accepted as showcase symposium, which makes us even more proud and happy.

Among the accepted sessions, I was involved in organizing two of them:

Sustainable Career Symposium

In this symposium organized by Ans de Vos, Beatrice van der Heijden, and myself, we have collected four theoretical/conceptual papers that all focus on better conceptualizing and theorizing about sustainable careers. Speakers include renowned expert in the field of career studies, such as Julia Richardson, Yehuda Baruch, and Peter Heslin. This symposium will be hosted as a showcase symposium during the conference.

21st Century School-to-Work Transition Symposium

In this symposium organized by Rowena Blokker, Svetlana Khapova, Paul Jansen, and myself, we bring together six empirical papers that all study contemporary school-to-work transition processes. Speakers include Serge da Motta Veiga, Ariane Froidevaux,Rebekka Steiner, Belgin Okay-Somervile, and Mark Bonica. This symposium will be hosted as a showcase symposium during the conference.

Besides these two symposiums, I am also presenting a paper as part of a symposium of the 5C group, which includes papers that focus on career success from a global perspective. In addition, I am once again involved in the PDW sessions Careers in the Rough (in which we provide feedback and help craft papers) and the Doctoral Consortium (in which we mentor junior faculty members).

Chicago: here we come!

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