EAWOP Conference 2019 @ Turin, Italy

June 4, 2019

The bi-annual conference of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) was held in Turin, Italy this year. Almost 2.000 people attended the conference, showing that it continues to grow. At any time, there were 20 parallel sessions. A great sign in terms of growth of the topics and the field, but also a difficult schedule in terms of making choices to attend sessions!

The sessions that I had a formal role in were thankfully all well attended and received. Our session on career shocks in career transitions drew an engaged audience and featured interesting work-in-progress about, for example, the role of promotions and burnouts in career development, as well as career shocks among young entrepreneurs. We also organized a track of three sessions about employability, focusing on new frontiers in (1) graduate employability, (2) employability in non-standard work types, and (3) sustainable employability. Even on Saturday morning, with many people already having left the conference, we had an active and engaged audience for these sessions.

It was also my pleasure and honor to act as a discussant in two sessions: one on employability and another on education-to-work transitions. Really interesting to synthesize the presentations and reflect on their implications for research in the field. And wonderful to see so many promising researchers and studies on the topics that I am so passionate about.

Next stop for EAWOP will be Glasgow, Scotland in 2021. Looking forward to it!

Our session on new frontiers in employability research

Meeting with Andreas Hirschi and Serge da Motta Veiga

Sophie Rummel presenting our study about career shocks among young entrepreneurs

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