Elected for the Leadership Track of the Academy of Management Careers Division

June 7, 2018

After having served as the newsletter editor for the Careers Division of the Academy of Management (http://aom.org/Divisions-and-Interest-Groups/Careers/Careers.aspx) for the past 3 years, and taking part in several committees (e.g., executive team nominations, best paper awards, division reputation), this year I wanted to take the next step in helping the CAR division by taking part in the election process for the leadership track of the division. The division has brought me so much over the past years in terms of a wonderful group of people who all share a passion for careers research, and who are always constructive and positive.

The good news...? I won the election! I am extremely honored and happy that I will be committing myself to this track for the next 5 years and serving the division (+/- 900 members) in several roles.

Specifically, the leadership track means that:

(1) I will be PDW chair in 2018-2019, thereby being responsible for the professional development workshop program of the division at the 2019 AOM conference;

(2) I will be program chair in 2019-2020, thereby being responsible for the entire CAR program of the 2020 AOM conference;

(3) I will be incoming division chair in 2020-2021, meaning I will lead several committees and prepare for my role as division chair;

(4) I will be the CAR division chair in 2021-2022, which means I will lead the division and hopefully contribute further to our vision and mission;

(5) I will be outgoing division chair in 2022-2023, which means helping the other leadership with their tasks and leading several committees.

I will officially start as CAR PDW chair during the Academy of Management conference in Chicago, in August 2018. I am really looking forward to working with the executive team of the Careers Division and continuing to offer a great experience for our members both during and after the annual conference.

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