Keynote at International Talent Event Amsterdam

May 22, 2019

On Wednesday May 15th 2019 I had the honor of providing the opening keynote of the 2019 International Talent Event Amsterdam, which was hosted at the Student Hotel in Amsterdam. This event featured all kinds of career-related opportunities, workshops, and visiting companies that students from higher education institutions in the Amsterdam area could attend. The event was organized by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and InHolland University of Applied Sciences.

The keynote was extremely well attended and the room was fully booked. Great to see such an interest in my keynote! We talked about the importance of finding a good fit between your skills and ambitions on the one hand, and the job and organization you search for on the other hand. It is not just about finding "a job" but about a job that provides learning opportunities and meaningful activities. Such a nice atmosphere and also some really interesting questions and chats after the talk!

A short video with about the event can be found HERE.

Talking about what a career actually is (and what it used to be)

Big crowd!

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