New Article about a Sustainable Career Perspective on Contingent Work

March 8, 2023

We just published a new article in Career Development International entitled "Toward a sustainable career perspective on contingent work: a critical review and a research agenda." This article is part of Jana Retkowsky's doctoral research, and is her first scholarly publication. The article presents a critical review on the literature on contingent work, arguing that we need to adopt a sustainable career perspective to better understand the work and careers of non-standard workers.

You can read the full article HERE. It is freely accessible to anyone.



The purpose of this paper is to provide a synthesis of the contingent work field and to advocate a sustainable career perspective on contingent work.


Adopting a broader review approach allowed to synthesize the contingent work literature across contingent work types (temporary agency work, gig work and freelance work) and develop a sustainable career perspective on contingent work. The authors searched for empirical, conceptual and review articles published from 2008 to December 2021. In total, the authors included 208 articles.


The authors advocate a sustainable career perspective that allows for organizing and synthesizing the fragmented contingent work literature. Adopting a sustainable career perspective enables to study contingent work from a dynamic perspective transcending one single organization.


The field is suffering from fragmentation and most importantly from an oversight of how contingent work experiences play a role in a person's career. This paper addresses this problem by adopting a sustainable career perspective on contingent work.

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