New Article in PLOS ONE: CSE and Work Engagement: Testing a Perception, Action, and Development Path

August 17, 2017

We just published a new paper in PLOS ONE about the role of core self-evaluations in enhancing work engagement via three different pathways: a perception path (via job resources), an action path (via job crafting), and a development path (via career competencies). In this paper, we show that the existing concensus in the literature on CSE - namely that the perception path is the dominant mechanism explaining the role of CSE in employee well-being - can be challenged when also taking into account an action and a development path. More specifically, we show that job crafting (action) and career competencies (development) mediate the relationship between CSE and work engagement over and above the perception path. Moreover, we confirm these findings in two different samples. Our results imply that positive self-evaluations may lead to enhanced engagement at work once these evaluations are mobilized via crafting a job and developing career competencies. The full paper can be found HERE.

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