New Article on Interdisciplinary Research Opportunities in Career Shocks Research

May 4, 2021

We just published our latest research on career shocks in a new article entitled "Toward a broader understanding of career shocks: Exploring interdisciplinary connections with research on job search, human resource management, entrepreneurship, and diversity". In this article, we explore connections between these fields and formulate ideas for future research. For example, we argue that a self-regulated job search process is often triggered by a career shock, yet could also trigger career shocks. We also note that employees' perceptions of HR practices are likely influenced by career shocks, and we reflect on the many opportunities to study how career shocks may trigger transitions between paid employment and entrepreneurship. Finally, we argue that career shocks may instigate changes in the salience of social identity, thereby reflecting on how career shocks may differentially impact people belonging to different social groups. It was really great to work on this paper with such an interdisciplinary team of esteemed colleagues: David Collings, Serge da Motta Veiga, Corinne Post, and Scott Seibert.

The full article can be accessed HERE, fully open access.

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