New Article: Perceived Overqualification and Counterproductive Work Behaviors

April 25, 2021

Together with Bert Schreurs, Melvyn Hamstra, and Jim Jawahar, I published a new article in Personnel Review about the role of perceived overqualification in the occurence of counterproductive work behaviors. Specifically, our results indicated that perceived overqualification positively associated with perceptions of relative deprivation (i.e. the feeling that you earn more than you get), which were, in turn, positively related to counterproductive work behaviors. This indirect relationship gained in strength with increasing levels of ambition. In other words: for ambitious people, perceptions of being overqualified for the work you do are especially like to lead to feelings of getting less that you deserve, which subsequently likely leads to behaviors that harm the organization they work for.

The article can be found HERE.

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