New Paper Published: #Trending Topics in Careers - A Review and Future Research Agenda

October 13, 2017

We just published our review paper "#Trending topics in careers: A review and future research agenda" in Career Development International. In this study, we reviewed all 693 published papers in Career Development International, Career Development Quarterly, Journal of Career Assessment, and Journal of Career Development between 2012-2016. In doing so, we formulated the topics that were most popular in these journals, which we called "trending topics". For each of the 16 trending topics that we found, we provide a brief description, some statistics on their publication frequency and potential differences between the journals, and some suggestions for future research on each of these topics.

The key results from this study were that there are both traditional and new topics that have been popular in career journals during the past five years. The most popular topics were career success and career decision making, which can be categorized as relatively traditional topics. On the other hand, the number three most popular topic was employability, which has clearly gained a lot of momentum during recent years. Some topics were surprisingly high on the list, such as health & well-being and attitudes, which shows that careers journals have a multidisciplinary focus. It should be noted, though, that this focus differed between the journals. For example, CDI published quite a lot of papers about health & well-being, whereas CDQ was the one with clearly the most papers about career counseling.

Overall, we hope to contribute to the scholarly debate by giving an overview of topics that have been at the fore of the careers discussion in recent years, and by providing several suggestions for future research that we hope will inspire researchers to pursue.

The full paper can be found HERE.

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