PhD Defense Sergey Gorbatov

December 13, 2019

On Monday December 9th 2019, I served as an opponent when Sergey Gorbatov successfully defended his PhD thesis, entitled "Personal Branding: Self-Presentation in the Contemporary Career". In his research, he systematically reviewed the available literature on personal branding, and he developed two new measurement instruments on personal branding and personal brand equity. His research opens up many opportunities to connect different disciplines and to better understanding how personal branding can contribute to contemporary career development. It was an interesting discussion between Sergey and the opponents (Konstantin Korotov, Judith Semeijn, Taya Boundarouk, Paul Jansen, and myself), and he did very well! I look forward to seeing more of his research in the future.

Sergey Gorbatov, his promotors, and the opponents after the PhD defense
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