Research Visit to the University of Bern

November 2, 2019

In the week of October 21st - October 25th 2019, I visited the University of Bern, Switzerland for the second time this year. During the visit, I gave a guest lecture on career sustainability and career shocks to a group of Psychology Masters students. Furthermore, the visit allowed me to continue ongoing projects with Andreas Hirschi and Daniel Spurk, both professors at the University of Bern. As always, the visit to Switzerland was very enjoyable and productive. We got some good work done on very interesting projects that we are working on. And the additional benefit was that I got to walk in the Swiss mountains and also enjoyed a day in Zürich. All in all, it was a fantastic week!

A personal highlight of the week: I brought my dog, Aska, to Switzerland as well. Being an originally Swiss dog - she is a Bernese mountain dog - this was a special moment to enjoy during a productive week.

It was a productive week... and also a week to enjoy the wonderful views in Switzerland

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