Roundtable Session & Summerschool Workshop UGent@Work - June 28th, 2022

January 20, 2023

On June 28th, 2022, I spent a day in Ghent, Belgium, to participate in a roundtable session about well-being at work and to teach a workshop in the UGent@Work Summerschool.

During the morning session, Hans de Witte, Arnold Bakker, Eva Demerouti, Philippe Sterkens, and I were part of a panel debate about well-being at work. The session was moderated by Lesley Arens. We discussed topics such as the shared responsibility of employees and employers in safeguarding well-being, and focusing not just on theoretically schooled but also on practically schooled workers. It was an inspiring debate with many great questions from the audience.

In the afternoon, I shared some of our research about sustainable careers and career shocks with a group of doctoral students participating in the UGent@Work summerschool for PhD students. We talked about what this research might mean for their research and also for them as persons (i.e., how they might create a sustainable career for themselves).

What a fun and meaningful day!

Snapshot of the panel debate

Flyer for the panel debate
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