Top Cited Paper in Applied Psychology Journal

February 26, 2019

We received the great news that our paper "Crafting your Career: How Career Competencies Relate to Career Success via Job Crafting" is among the top cited papers in Applied Psychology: An International Review between January 2017 and December 2018. Prior to this, the paper was also among the most downloaded paper in the same timespan, indicating that many people are reading and citing our work. We are very excited about this.

The full paper can be found HERE.

Below is the abstract of the paper:

This study aimed to investigate whether career competencies could enhance an employee's subjective career success in terms of perceived employability and work–home balance via job crafting behaviors. Based on Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) Theory, we examined a potential motivational process in which career competencies, as a personal resource, would enhance career success through expansive job crafting. The results showed that job crafting mediated the positive relationship between career competencies and both internal and external perceived employability. In addition, job crafting mediated the positive relationship between career competencies and work–home enrichment. We expected a negative association between job crafting and work–home interference, yet our results indicated that career competencies are indirectly and positively related to work–home interference via job crafting. With our findings, we add to JD-R Theory by (1) showing that career competencies may be considered a personal resource, (2) empirically examining the role of job crafting in motivational processes, and (3) showing that enhanced subjective career success can be an outcome of motivational processes. Organisations may use these findings to implement developmental HR practices aimed at increasing career competencies and job crafting.

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