VU Post Doc Day 2019

December 5, 2019

On Thursday November 21st 2019, the Vrije Universiteit organized its annual Post Doc day. During this event, the post doctoral researchers of the VU - who are with more than 300 - were the central focus. Research shows that this group tends to be rather isolated, so the event was meant to show them that the university cares about them, and to offer several talks and workshops to help them in their careers.

During this event, I was both the chair/moderator and also a keynote speaker. My talk focused on the importance of looking beyond the narrow indicators of success that we tend to formulate for ourselves in academia. There is more than the prized assistant professor position and given that only around 1 out of 5 post docs gets to that position, it is crucial to think of alternative ways to be happy and successful. The participants also engaged in workshops, for example on showing courage in your career and about time management. The event was a big success, the energy was very positive, and we hope that the post docs left it with renewed inspiration and enthusiasm.

Flyer of the Post Doc Day

Lively discussions during the event

Talking about career sustainability and success
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